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Borini Forfeits Vacation to Join Liverpool

Liverpool touched down in Boston earlier this afternoon, and manager Brendan Rodgers got right to work briefing the press about his hopes for their sojourn through the Northeast. The trip was always going to include the club's English contingent, despite who wasn't around today--there's been more than a little hand-wringing due to the fact that Andy Carroll's not currently with the squad, but he's been set to join the club shortly after their arrival since before transfer talk became more solidified. By all means, though, don't let that get in the way.

As has become the case with Brendan Rodgers' pressers, the whole thing is worth a full read, but the most notable piece is that supporters will get an unexpected look at the club's lone signing of the summer.

"He was due to come back on August 1 but he made it very clear when he came that he wanted to get back and train with the group. We've agreed that he'll come out next week and we're looking forward to seeing him. He is very determined and committed to doing well and I'm sure he'll play some part in some of the games once he's over here."

Nice to see that Fabio Borini is ready to go, even though it's to be expected from a player who's gained a reputation for being a near perfect--sometimes apparently to his teammates' chagrin--professional. The sooner he joins the better, I suppose, as it gives him a chance to acclimate to the squad and re-acclimate to a manager with whom he's plenty familiar.

It'll be interesting to see how he's involved given the worrying lack of depth up front, as he'll be playing alongside a number of younger players that, regardless of how much we might hope they'll feature, are likely a season or two away from regular minutes in the first team. That's of course assuming Borini will be a regular when the season kicks off, but looking at the squad list, it'd be hard to argue against that assumption given that the Italian is a senior citizen in terms of experience relative to many of the other names up front.

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