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Joe Cole Prayed For Rodgers Arrival

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While rumours swirl linking Andy Carroll with a move away from Anfield, not every player whose Liverpool career got off to a rocky start appears to face an imminent exit. And first amongst those whose prospects have improved under the new manager is Joe Cole, who hasn't been shy to talk about his hopes for revitalising his stalled career under Brendan Rodgers.

"Tactically, he's very astute," said Cole in his latest interview, focusing on Rodgers' arrival and what it could mean for both the club and him personally. "When I was hearing about Liverpool looking at certain managers, I was praying it was going to be Brendan—not just because he's not an unknown for me and I know his philosophy on football, but I think for the club the owners have made the right choice. He has just impressed everyone so much since he's been here.

"You look at what he did not just at Swansea, but also when he was at Watford. He's been a success, he's young and hungry. I know him from my Chelsea days when he was there and I can't see anything other than positive things."