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Anfield Press Conference Open Thread


Something's happening at Liverpool today. The club have gone so far as to announce that something's happening, which is typically a good indicator that you're bound to be underwhelmed with something you already knew was happening because everyone's been talking about it for a few days. Or have they? Intrigue!

There's no secret that much of the focus will be on the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as the club's new manager, and there's been a healthy amount of talk that information about additional hirings is on tap, as well as news about the stadium project. Talk about all the things. Now. Patience was a good idea yesterday, but today not so much.

But what's a bad idea all the time---at least for me---is scheduling a press conference at 10:00AM BST/5:00AM EST. I love Liverpool, and I have a healthy sense of totally platonic emotional intimacy with most of the regulars around here, but 3:00AM in my world just isn't happening, especially when it appears that the main reveal is something that's already been, you know, revealed.

The offal's done their good deed for humanity by televising the press conference free of charge on LFCTV, so that's probably your best bet. At least until it crashes because nothing's ever free of charge except videos of people drawing the liver bird and Charlie Adam getting stumped by school children's questions about crayons and pasta and the existential crisis one experiences after impossibly glancing a penalty kick off the Wembley Arch.

Long story short, feel free to discuss what happened if you're in a place that doesn't make getting up to watch rich people talk about things they think they've done right an impossibility, and we'll be around shortly after waking hours with a brief reaction or to lament about the fact that we missed the biggest revelation in the history of revelations.

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