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Swansea 1, Liverpool 0: Time to Move On

Swansea 1 Graham 86'
Liverpool 0

Fitting that, on the final day of a frustrating season, the best thing to happen to Liverpool didn't actually have anything to do with Liverpool. Manchester City stole the title from Manchester United with two goals in injury time, and that's about all that Liverpool supporters are left to celebrate. Exhilarating, to be sure, but once the schadenfreude fades it's also an indictment of the fact that Liverpool's mediocrity leaves little to cheer other than the failings of others. The less time spent on today---and this season, one in which the club earned their lowest points total in the top flight---the better.

A depressing end to a depressing campaign, and around these parts all that's left to do is thank you all for your support and involvement in such a miserable season, and we'll hope to see you in the future.

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