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Kuyt Mulls Roma Move, and Other Thursday Notes

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After last weekend's capitulation to Newcastle on the heels of a frustrating series of results against clubs lurking in the relegation zone, you probably wouldn't expect days filled with positive news items. And you'd be right. Welcome to the suck...

* Ever since Jordan Hendrson arrived at the club and walked straight into the starting eleven on the right, slotting in ahead of the previous season's scoring leader without having to earn the role despite it being his less favoured position and that the man he was replacing remains a regular for the Dutch national team, there has been a widespread belief that Dirk Kuyt's time at the club has all but reached its end. His agent has now confirmed this to be the case, with Roma amongst the potential suitors:

Kuyt is considering his future. AS Roma could be an option for Dirk. They are a prestigious club that is fighting for important objectives.

I can say that Roma is part of the list of clubs that Kuyt would take seriously into account

For those who have never been fans of what Kuyt brings to the side it will perhaps seem no great loss. Most, however, will wonder at the wisdom of taking a player who is a safe bet to start every match for the Netherlands at this summer's European Championships, who has been a tireless and selfless worker for the club, and who has contributed countless invaluable goals over the years and essentially driving him out through questionable team selection and unquestionably poor man management.

If offloading Raul Meireles and Alberto Aquilani in order to make room in midfield for Charlie Adam and the questionable fitness of an aging Steven Gerrard who hasn't been a regular contributor for three seasons were the previous bar-setting head-scratchers, the marginalisation of Kuyt for the sake of a player unlikely to be his long-term replacement seems set to become the current management team's biggest personnel failure in a few short months. Unless his departure coincides with the arrival of a world class replacement and not another mid-table gamble, it will serve as a clear signal that the mistakes of the past year haven't been learned from.

* If you enjoy looking at pretty, multi-coloured charts and graphs—and really, if you don't, what's wrong with you?—then Nate at Oh You Beauty has just the thing to distract the senses and further kill the soul as he looks at points per game, goals scored, and goals conceded. With a focus on Lucas' injury, Suarez' suspension, and the double of winning the League Cup and Daniel Agger's injury, now you too can easily track the end results of the three main events that have helped to define Liverpool's season to date.

* In slightly less depressing news, while rumours concerning the future of players like Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez have been heating up, there has also been a low rumble of expectation that Luis Suarez could leave the club in the summer with the rebuilding process stumbling and chances of league or European silverware more distant than they seemed twelve months ago. However, while Kuyt's options abroad have been confirmed by his agent, Suarez' primary rumoured suitor in recent weeks has stepped up to quash speculation, with Roma's sporting director labelling them "only transfer rumours." He further goes on to say that as good as the player is, his club have not discussed Suarez with Liverpool, which at least for the time being should put the speculation to bed.

Of course, with the club on relegation form rumours about top players wanting to leave are inevitable, and it's almost impossible to imagine that the coming months won't be filled with endless whispers that Suarez is about to sign with Real Madrid or Chelsea or AC Milan. So along with rumours about seemingly out of favour players being on the way out, there will also be rumours about the likes of Suarez and Reina and Agger leaving, and there's a very real chance that without a signing that signals intent early in the summer the club could face an exodus of what top talent they do have. Which rather makes the initial assertion that this represents less depressing news ring a little hollow.

We'll be back later with a preview of Saturday's match against Aston Villa filled with angst, fear, and loathing. In the meantime, you might as well just embrace not being in a happy place...

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