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Video: Coates, Henderson, and Suarez in Skills Challenge

There's literally nothing newsworthy or interesting floating around about Liverpool to talk about this week. So you might as well watch the second 1888bet skills challenge of the season while you wait for the second Champions League semi-final to roll around1, with Jordan Henderson defending the sixth most prestigious individual award2 in English football he won last by beating out Jonjo Shelvey and Stewart Downing.

Unlike last time3 there's a lot more banter between the players, and it's really quite funny how the two Uruguayans are constantly taking the piss out of Henderson—and each other. And as for the competition itself, after the weekend maybe it's not a shock to see Henderson win the crossbar challenge despite Suarez and Henderson doing their best to recreate a hostile crowd.

1 If you don't want Jose Mourinho to lose, you're not a proper Liverpool fan4.

2 Probably not.

3 I swear we put it up, but now I can't find it so you can go here to refresh your memory.

4 Deal with it, Madridistas5.

5 But seriously, he does come across as a horrible person.

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