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Video: Liverpool v. Everton Highlights and Behind the Scenes

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It turns out that saying bad things about Chelsea upsets Chelsea fans which in turn leads to upset Chelsea fans sharing just how upset they are with us. This is exactly as much fun as it sounds. Which means we should probably put some distance between ourselves and the earlier offering that may or may not have had something to do with Chelsea. So, just to be clear, this one isn't about Chelsea. Because it's about Everton. Who aren't Chelsea.

Or should it be that it's about Everton which isn't Chelsea? That's always confused me, since Everton and Chelsea aren't really people last time I checked but it usually sounds better when you treat clubs as though they're people. From a linguistic point of view, that is. And I suppose some people actually are Chelsea, really, and we wouldn't want to forget about them. Where was I again?

Right, Chelsea. And how this isn't about them. Because instead it's about Everton and Saturday's FA Cup semi-final because despite all the not so nice things we often have to say about the English FA they've at least gotten one thing right. Namely putting full highlights of the FA Cup up on Youtube without country restrictions, which means we all get to watch them without worrying about the video being replaced by a "This video has been removed by request of the FA" sign in five hours.

So: Extended highlights of Saturday's match. Against Everton. For everybody who wants to relive its ups and downs rather than doing work or something equally soul crushing. Like talking about Chelsea. Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.

And if that's not enough to help you waste some time on a Tuesday, they've also put up footage of the teams arriving and getting ready for the match in the tunnel as well as a video of the action from pitch level:

So I think today we've learned the FA may not be quite as universally and unforgivably evil as we might at times be inclined to suggest. And also they're not Chelsea. Probably. We'll have to talk to our sources and get back to you on that one.

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