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Video: Andy Carroll v. Tottenham

andy carroll liverpool tottenham

It may not have been a man of the match-calibre performance, as those honours would have to have gone to one of the defenders—and probably either Glen Johnson or Martin Skrtel. And he likely didn't even have as good a game as his previous two against Wolverhampton and Manchester United. Regardless of that, however, after nearly a full calendar year filled almost entirely by futility as he struggled first with fitness and then with fitting in, it's understandable that on the back of three strong showings on the bounce people would be eager to look for any upside they can find in the 2012 edition of Andy Carroll.

Those of a more skeptical bent might think back to the fall, when any number of ineffective performances were excused because Carroll appeared to be trying hard. Or to times when his most loyal supporters would fall back on the same lack of service argument that had been in constant rotation for Fernando Torres' rather painful final season and a half at the club, even while Torres was off at Chelsea doing his best to suggest it wasn't a lack of service that had been at the root of his troubles. But be that as it may, the Carroll who's shown up for the past three games has done more than simply try hard, and no matter the level of service he's as least looked useful leading the line.

Whether he's the sort of striker who will ever be entirely at home and effective as Plan A in a pass and move side is still a very open question, and as when people looked to his work rate in the fall to justify his worth it's hard to escape a faint air of desperation when everybody takes the fact his last two touches haven't ballooned into Row Z as cause for celebration. Still, just as it would be wrong to get too carried away after three positive showings, it would be wrong too to ignore that Carroll's past three games have arguably been his strongest in a Liverpool shirt. Which is why the many talented Liverpool fans who compile every-touch videos have seemingly all focused on him this week and not one of the two men who put in the strongest performances against Tottenham, a Steven Gerrard returning for ninety minutes of action after injury, or a Luis Suarez playing for the first time in a month.

Clearly it's a performance that many Liverpool fans would like to take a closer look at, and after covering a number of more difficult topics earlier in the week, who are we to argue with that?

Video created by LumixGoals and sourced from LFC in HD

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