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Video: Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel's Season So Far

martin skrtel daniel agger

I've been reliably informed that no match took place on Saturday, something a number of Liverpool players seem to have been on board with from the very start despite that the Premier League has registered them as having played. I've also been reliably informed that nobody who doesn't work for an English media outlet wants to talk about handshakes and Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra any more. All of which rather leaves a gaping hole to fill with Liverpool or Liverpool-shaped content over the next few days.

Faced then with a choice between talking about the return of Champions League football this week as the Round of 16 kicks off, taking a look at the cracking race for the final Champions League spot in La Liga that sees six clubs within two points of each other, or reliving some of the awesomeness that has been the Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger pairing at centre back for Liverpool this season, there was really only one option that wasn't at least mildly depressing from a Liverpool point of view. And also only one that's actually about Liverpool, which at least in theory is still the main focus around these parts.

So though Liverpool's season to date may have seen more than its share of downs to go with a handful of ups, at least there's one thing that's been almost entirely positive throughout...

Video by reggiOMarc via his Youtube channel.

Video by LumixGoals via LFC in HD.

A non-embeddable Agger v. United companion compilation to the Skrtel one included above can be found here. Previously we have run Martin Skrtel compilations for the games against Chelsea, QPR, and Stoke.

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