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Standard Chartered Keep Suarezgate Alive, and Other Monday Notes

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patrice evra celebrate suarez

Evra's hand moved back and to the left. Back. And to the left. There's no way that happens naturally. No way that happens if you're only dealing with Suarez in front of him. Which can only mean one thing: There was a second man behind the grassy knoll. And the FA don't want you to know about it…

* "We were very disappointed by Saturday's incident and have discussed our concerns with the club." So said Liverpool shirt sponsors Standard Chartered in a brief statement to rival the briefest statements in the history of brief statements. So, remember when everybody was hoping that the apologies for the handshake-that-wasn't would put an end to public figures and institutions offering up their opinions on the whole damn mess? Put an end to pundits and newspapers tut-tutting self-righteously? To moralistic crusaders seeking to raise their own brand by dragging Liverpool's a touch further through the mud? Yeah, it was never going to happen, and that the club's shirt sponsor feels the need to add their two bits to the conversation after the club, the manager, and the player have all come out with contrite apologies just drives things home: This isn't over. Though if you're a fan of losing your money to betting sites rather than banking fees, you can get good odds on which club Suarez will be playing for next season.

* Even if Standard Chartered has not so helpfully joined the fray by letting everybody know they think Suarez not shaking Patrice Evra's hand was, like, the worst thing ever and that they hope fans of other clubs won't think worse of them as a bank because of their prominent place on the shirt of said man who wouldn't shake said other man's hand, at least the FA appears happy to sit this one out. Which is probably a good thing for everybody.

Since the incident, the FA has informed any curious news outlet trawling for a potential story that a refusal by one player to shake another's hand in the pre-match ceremony is not considered a disciplinary action. So that's good. They've also since revealed that referee Phil Dowd informed them he fully saw and dealt with Evra's celebrations at the end of the game, meaning no retroactive punishment can be made for the United player's taunting, though this later situation is one where if the match official had later reported he hadn't fully seen it there would have been the possibility of the FA handing out a fine or ban.

* If you want something a touch happier to distract from the endless Suarezery here at the start of a long week off before Liverpool's match against Brighton in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Sunday, you could join the Echo as they get an early start on the next weekend's League Cup final at Wembley against Cardiff. It might seem a touch early, but a collection of galleries, clips, and reactions from the previous League Cup rounds that gives you a chance to re-live successful ties against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Stoke does promise a solid chunk of time that you won't spend getting further annoyed by further reading about further reactions to you know what. So that's probably a good thing.

anfield cat adoption stray

* And elsewhere in not-that news, anyone in Liverpool looking for a cat can take a shot at adopting furry pitch interloper and Twitter sensation Anfield Cat, renamed Shankly by the animal rescue centre now caring for him after it was learned that rather than being an overly adventurous house cat he was in fact a local stray.

His likes include chicken, cuddling, and drinking his milk from silver cups. His dislikes include dogs, Evertonians, and the London media. Though he will soon be up for adoption, he will also soon no longer be a he as is the way of things when it comes to stray cats and animal rescue centres. Bob Barker could not be reached for comment on the matter.

We'll be back later with any breaking news, but in the meantime, while you wait for the further inevitable negative press releases and media speculation…

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