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Daniel Sturridge Set for Liverpool Medical

The process of welcoming the former Chelsea forward apparently begins today, as reports have him due for a medical ahead of finalizing a permanent move once the January window opens.

Laurence Griffiths

Almost immediately after Liverpool wrapped up their 4-0 win over Fulham, reports broke that Daniel Sturridge--who'd been the subject of some sort of confirmation-esque news earlier in the week--was en route to Anfield ahead of a scheduled medical for today, and that this would wrap up the £12m move for January. The reports earlier in the week contained all the same details but came with the caveat that some sort of hiccup had occurred, and while it wasn't expected to be enough to cancel the deal completely, it was enough to cancel the medical that had been scheduled.

This time around, however, it looks to be going through as planned, with James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo breaking the news that the medical is set to go ahead today:

It emerged earlier this week that a fee had been agreed with the Londoners for the 23-year-old frontman but there was a problem over the cash demands of his agent. LFC boss Brendan Rodgers was always confident the issues would be sorted out but warned the club wouldn't be held to ransom.

He was prepared to walk away from the deal and had lined up Paris Saint Germain striker Kevin Gameiro as an alternative option.However, an agreement has now been reached and Sturridge is expected on Merseyside on Sunday to have his medical.

There's also a dodgy-looking photo taken from a Virgin train and a tweet from John Aldridge if Pearce's report isn't convincing enough, but it's looking that all that's left is the waiting until Daniel Sturridge is officially a Liverpool player. At most that waiting will be a few weeks, but if everything's settled, the deal could be announced as soon as possible. I'm not sure if that'd happen before the opening of the window, but it could certainly be at the soonest moment that the club are allowed to. Rodgers hasn't been shy about wanting some sort of business to get done early in January, and it's looking like this is at least one bit of that business.

I don't have any particularly strong feelings at this point that haven't been voiced by Noel or anyone else that's hesitant to laud this as an incredible piece of business, so I'll defer to much of the discussion that's already taken place. What I will say is that this is the start of the process of supporting him, as unpleasant a prospect as that may or may not seem.

If he's going to be a Liverpool player, I suppose he's deserving of support unless he proves otherwise. We've had--and still have--a fair share of squad members that aren't the most popular, but at a basic level we can all agree that having them, and now potentially Daniel Sturridge, do well for Liverpool is not an entirely bad thing.

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