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Despite the Hate, Luis Suarez is Still Enjoying Himself in England

According to former teammate Vurnon Anita, the abuse he faces from opponents, fans, and the media is nothing new for Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan striker is still enjoying himself in England in spite of it all.

Alex Livesey

For many who follow Liverpool, the experience of supporting a player who quickly became the Premier League's favourite villain is a rather odd one, but for Luis Suarez it's really nothing new. At least according to Newcastle midfielder Vurnon Anita, who played with the Uruguayan striker at Ajax before both moved to England and spoke following Sunday's draw about how in his experience, opponents and their fans have always hated Saurez.

"In Holland it was the same," began Anita, the second public figure associated with Newcastle to speak well of Suarez after manager Alan Pardew shared his unexpectedly positive view of Suarez with the press ahead of the match. "I know him very well and I know he plays like that. If he's on your team you're happy, but if you play against him you hate him."

Despite fears amongst some Liverpool fans that Suarez might have grown tired with playing in England given the bile he receives from opposing fans and the media while at times referees seem more than willing to allow opponents to step outside the laws of the game to stop him, Anita further suggests that this isn't the case.

"He's a very nice guy. He likes to joke with people," Anita said, adding, "He's enjoying himself in England. We speak a lot and we keep in touch."

With Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea playing host to Liverpool on the weekened, it remains to be seen how Suarez' next set of opponents will react when asked about him—though it seems a safe bet that his name will at least come up. But no matter what happens in the coming days, following the low set by Everton's David Moyes when he blamed Suarez for driving fans away from the game, it's fair to say the past week has provided something of a surprise break from the negative Saurez narrative that has dominated for much of the current Premier League season.

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