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Rodgers Confirms New Sterling Deal Imminent

Liverpool fans hoping for a new deal for Raheem Sterling may not have to wait long, with Brendan Rodgers confirming that one is in the works.

Clive Rose

With Raheem Sterling's current contract expiring at the end of next season and the the beginning of rumours hinting at links back to London, a new deal for the 17-year-old was always going to be in the works. Now, following earlier assurances by Brendan Rodgers as well as a hastily deleted Tweet by Sterling himself suggesting a contract would be signed by or on his eighteenth birthday, the Liverpool manager has once again spoken of a new deal being only a matter of time.

"We want him to continue to grow," said Rodgers. "Why would you want to leave one of the biggest clubs in world football? So it's a no brainer. He will tie himself to a new contract because he wants to be here and he can be a great here at this football club.

"He has been given an opportunity here this season and he is thriving on it and enjoying the work. He is so bright and so sharp and what I like now is that you are seeing that little bit of arrogance with the ball.

After arriving from QPR he was quickly penciled in as the club's next big thing by those who keep track of Liverpool's academy, the youngster's stock has soared this season as he secured his place as a starter at Liverpool and even edged his way into the senior England conversation.

"He knows he has a lot to learn and a lot to improve on," continued Rodgers, "but you see him and Luis Suarez combining better in each game and that is a tribute to them and how hard they are working on the training ground.

"If you play as a front player your job is simple: it is either to score goals or create goals and then you function defensively. The kid has been brilliant. We just have to nurture that."

For those looking to start counting down the days, Sterling turns eighteen on the eighth of December.

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