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Werner, FSG Intent on Delivering in January and Beyond

Talk of investment and improvement has been coming in waves of late, and Tom Werner's added his assurances that Liverpool will be strengthened in the near future with a view to longer-term successes.

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Michael Regan

"Our intention is to strengthen but actions will speak louder than words. We are playing better and better each week. Obviously, we have made some mistakes in the past but our intention is to deliver, strengthen the squad and move forward. We know that January is a challenging time and I don't want to say we've got x or y but, hopefully, the fans will be pleased with what we do accomplish."

If nothing else, Tom Werner's comments yesterday confirm that the club is looking to get better, which is a universally agreeable intention on the Liverpool side of things. Brendan Rodgers hasn't made a secret of it, and now we get Werner, who's been the least visible of the FSG contingent, chiming in with a statement of intent regarding how he hopes things will shake out in the coming months.

As with Rodgers' statements, it's nice to hear that the responsible parties are aware of both the problems and potential solutions, and that there's a very large collection of somethings that need to happen in order for the club to continue their return to relevance.

What's maybe more encouraging is the purported self-awareness that Werner puts on display--from early on FSG have talked fairly openly about their own areas of growth and how they'd strive to prove themselves rather than rely on reputation, and that's managed to be a stable point throughout their tenure. The past few transfer windows have been more than a little tumultuous, and with more popular opinion outlining more failures than victories since they arrived, it's clear that the owners have something to prove.

What they actually need to prove isn't particularly clear quite yet; everyone's aware that Liverpool need support in attack, either through the middle or the wide areas, and depth in the fullback spots is advisable as well. How it all turns out on February 1st will go a long way in the minds of many, and unless there's absolute investment in seeing another set of American fail, let's all hope that Werner's assertions proves true, and that Liverpool are stronger over the last three and a half months of the season.

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