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Video: The Fouls on Luis Suarez (So Far)

With the media out for blood following Sunday's dramatic drop, it seems as good a time as any to take stock of all the occasions this season Luis Suarez has been fouled—with many those fouls missed or otherwise ignored by the officials.

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In all the wailing over how Luis Suarez's dive on Sunday afternoon against the agrarians of Stoke City has single-handedly ruined the game of football now and for all future generations, many have been all too happy to forget all that came before it—not just in that one particular game, but in all of Liverpool's games so far this season that Suarez has participated in.

Though your mother may have always told you two wrongs don't make a right, the disproportionate focus over the past few days on the evils of Luis Suarez, seeking to remove any and all context from the discussion in favour of sensationalistic, faux moral outrage, isn't doing anything to improve the situation.

Luis Suarez may need to cut back on the theatrics, but any realistic hope that he—or any other player with a reputation for dramatic falls—will do so can only exist if it goes hand in hand with referees doing a better job of calling the many legitimate fouls that are currently ignored. And just in case there's any doubt about what Suarez has had to put up with from frustrated defenders so far this season, then a look back at some of the most egregious fouls—many of which went unpunished—is really the only counterargument that's needed.

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Video by Mostar via the his Youtube channel

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