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Video: Suso v. Stoke City

On a day when few outside the Liverpool defense impressed, Suso put in another solid shift despite struggling at times to cope with the visitor's brash physical style.

Michael Steele - Getty Images

Matches with Stoke always leave a bad taste in the mouth regardless of the outcome, and today certainly wasn't helped by the fact that Tony Pulis got overly self-righteous on Luis Suarez. Even if Liverpool get a win against them, Stoke are a side that manage to infuriate and annoy. That's not likely to change any time soon, even if most of the footballing world is willing them to engage in a style of play that doesn't involve maiming and cannibalism and beating people with their own limbs.

Anyhow, on a day with little pick out--Suarez worked hard and created a few good chances, all four defenders were solid, Joe Cole somehow didn't burst into flames after playing more than nine minutes--there was again a good shift turned in by one of Liverpool's teenagers. You could argue that Andre Wisdom was more influential, and given that Suso's job is ostensibly to score or create goals and Wisdom's is to prevent them, you'd probably be right.

But you'd also be ignorant to the fact that there wasn't an Andre Wisdom compilation video, which trumps player performances. The young Spaniard did manage to impress in just his second Premier League match, though, and while there weren't any goals to be had, it was another decent display upon which the midfielder can build. Physically he's not there yet, which was blatantly clear against one of the most physical opponents he's likely to face.

However, his movement and confidence on the ball never looked to shaken, and he again showed signs of developing an understanding with Luis Suarez that could verge on dangerous if given time. Plenty have been discussing an extension for the player, and while performances like today's won't go down as one of his best, there's certainly reason for optimism and hope that he'll be around for much, much longer.

Video by Mostar via YouTube

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