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Video: Luis Suarez v. Everton

From diving in celebration to being wrongly denied the winning goal, we take a look back at the highs and lows of Sunday's derby match between Liverpool and Everton for Luis Suarez.

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Clive Brunskill

Sunday may have ended in frustration for Liverpool and Luis Suarez, with the most blatantly poor call against Liverpool in recent memory stealing away certain victory in the game's final moments, but even with that in mind the Uruguayan's first half response to David Moyes' comments during the week concerning his penchant for theatrics were always going to make his performance worth revisiting. Luckily, it wasn't just a cheeky flop in front of the Everton manager after creating the first goal of the game, when he drilled a hard cross into the six-yard box that deflected in off Leighton Baines, that's worth a second look.

Following a week that had seen Moyes accuse Suarez of making the game of football less appealing for the fans, Suarez answered back brilliantly with an impassioned performance in the derby. His first goal had more than a touch of anger in its delivery, and it was quickly followed by a second after the barest of touches caught Tim Howard flat-footed, the keeper expecting the ball to be redirected back across him as Steven Gerrard's free kick fizzed into the area.

Though both Suarez and Liverpool suffered a letdown following that second goal, he could easily have had three within regulation time after he once again found his early match form in the second half. It took a desperately sprawling Baines to block a late goalbound effort and teammate Raheem Sterling's failure to play the simple square ball—the young winger instead attempting an audacious Lionel Messi impersonation that went horribly wrong—to keep him off the scoreboard and to keep the teams level.

Then the officials stepped in and made certain that it would be they and not the players who would decide the game's outcome, and it's both a minor miracle and an utter disgrace for the Premier League that the incompetent officiating that ended the match between Everton and Liverpool wasn't even the worst of the day.

That Suarez and Liverpool weren't nearly as hard done by when it came to terrible officiating on Sunday as Chelsea in their match against Manchester United will be little consolation. Though the two games, run back to back and promoted as "Super Sunday" in the buildup, did in the end send a clear message about a very real problem that's making it increasingly difficult for many to take seriously the self-proclaimed greatest league in the world. Perhaps when they're done worrying about the evils of Luis Suarez, the Premier League, FA, and London press might want to give it a moment or two of their time.

Video by MostarLFC via his Vimeo channel

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