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Carroll: "I Didn't Get a Chance at Liverpool"

Andy Carroll's future may still be uncertain, but in the striker's own mind at least it seems as though returning to Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers is the last thing he would want to do.

Shaun Botterill

Despite being without a goal so far at West Ham, Andy Carroll's work-rate and the space his mere presence opens up for teammates in the attacking third has already endeared him to manager Sam Allardyce. For the big striker, though, despite the support of his new manager and that a move to London has led to guaranteed playing time after a season and a half spent on the fringes at Liverpool, the past remains something of a sore subject.

"Obviously, I didn't really get a chance there," said Carroll. "I was really told that I should move on to keep playing regular football, and obviously then Sam wanted me here and told me I would be playing regular games. So, for me, it was a no-brainer coming here to play.

"A new manager came in and I wasn't part of his plans. For me to play football, that was my chance to do that. That is why I am here at Upton Park. It was better to move on instead of waiting for my chance—which [Brendan Rodgers] told me might not come."

Though he claims that he doesn't have a point to prove now that he's playing at West Ham, Carroll insists he could have fit in to Rodgers' system at Liverpool if only he'd been given the chance:

"I think I could fit into every system. I believe in what I can do. Obviously [Rodgers] has his beliefs and he didn't think that. If other people don't believe it, that's fine. I just get on with it. But at the end of the day, I know what I can do."

Some fans of both West Ham and Liverpool—as well as Hammers boss Allardyce—may not be certain if the striker will spend the entire season in East London given the dearth of strikers at Anfield, but it sounds as though in Carroll's head at least there's no going back with Brendan Rodgers in charge.

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