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Redevelopment Plans Expected to be Announced on Monday

A major point of contention for supporters across ownership groups has been the stadium issue, and an announcement is expected for Monday that will confirm redevelopment of Anfield as the way forward.

Clive Brunskill - Getty Images

With the previous owners promising a brand-new stadium as part of their vision for Liverpool and then ultimately proving to be incompetent and untrustworthy--even if that picture of the proposed stadium looked pretty awesome in Tom Hicks' post-ousting interview--supporters would be forgiven for adopting a believe it when we see it approach as far as any plans, brand-new or otherwise, for Liverpool's future playing ground goes.

So with a bit of hesitation there's something newsish to report, with Ben Smith from the BBC reporting that the Liverpool City Council will announce "the go-ahead for a series of compulsory purchase order consultations on houses that would need to be demolished" on Monday. The actual redevelopment would begin sometime in 2014, and while there's nothing official from the club quite yet, you'd imagine that the announcement of plans, or even plans to propose plans for future plans, would demand some sort of discussion from John Henry and FSG.

Again, though, there's nothing concrete until there's something concrete, and the proof will be in the actual doing for Henry and company. After the failure to strengthen the squad at the end of the transfer window many also pointed to the lack of action on a new stadium or redeveloped Anfield, casting the owners in a doubly negative light at a time when they'd only begun to put into process what seemed like their vision for the club. What the plans actually end up being will still create division; many are of the perspective that a brand-new stadium is the only way forward, while others are both sentimentally and practically behind plans to renew Anfield.

We'll wait to see what ends up happening Monday, and from there the challenge for FSG will be to prove that not only is their vision one worth backing, but one that's actually going to come to fruition.

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