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Video: Liverpool v. Manchester United Extended Highlights

The out-Stoking of Stoke at Anfield two weeks ago, followed a week later by the utter shambles of a performance at Bolton, set the table for a four-day stretch in which Liverpool's future, not only in the two domestic cup competitions, had been placed in the balance by a fairly significant portion of those who fancy themselves supporters of both Liverpool and collective unrest. And I guess when you consider how the week played out in an alternative universe---out of the League Cup after failing to respond to Edin Dzeko's go-ahead goal on Wednesday, out of the FA Cup after succumbing to waves of United pressure late in the first half and at the start of the second---there could have been enough justification to make drinking, ranting, and typing all in caps a full-time gig.

None of that happened, however, and yesterday Liverpool got the win to cap a swift turnaround of the climate around the club and seal progress to the 5th round of the FA Cup, where a home date with Brighton---whom Liverpool defeated 2-1 in the 3rd round of the League Cup back in September---awaits. Yesterday's victory will be remembered for a number of things, some of them positive, some of them negative, and few more unfortunate than the overly righteous journalistic prosthelytizing it spawned.

So while you're waiting for someone else to tell why you're wrong on any number of sociocultural issues, you might as well take in the extended highlights from the win and relish revel in another terrific result while you eat relish.

Video by kLFCReds

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