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Video: Liverpool v. Manchester City Extended Highlights

Because knowing the final score makes Joe Hart's heroics far less frustrating. Because Craig Bellamy is fantastic, even if for the final twenty minutes he was on the pitch it was hard not to worry his knees would explode every time he took off. Because the crowd was absolutely phenomenal and we could easily have devoted an entire entry to videos of just that. Because despite his defensive frailties, Charlie Adam did aid in the attack. Because you'd forgotten what pass and move football looked like. Because the first time around you didn't notice Gerrard flashing two fingers to Joe Hart to signify the two penalties he scored. Because you're still trying to wrap your head around Martin Skrtel as an offensive threat. Because Dirk Kuyt and Jordan Henderson, two names who have divided opinion in recent months, both had their best games of the season. And because after the bumpy ride of the past few months it was just good to, in the end, finally be able to watch Liverpool play and take nothing but joy from the experience.

So while you may not quite have ninety minutes free to re-watch the entire thing, surely there are few things you'd rather do this Thursday than take twenty minutes to relive yesterday's League Cup semi-final.

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