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Video: Kenny Dalglish Post-Bolton Interview


There's likely little to emerge in terms of highlights from yesterday's match---on the Liverpool end of things, the only action worth recounting in any way is the play of Craig Bellamy, who was involved in nearly everything positive that Liverpool did, with Daniel Agger the only other squad member worth mentioning for a few forward runs and a thirty-yard bullet that clipped the top of the bar. Other than that, it was a roundly disappointing day, and in the post-match interview Kenny Dalglish left no question as to where he stood about the quality of Liverpool's effort.

Most have probably seen this by now, but for those who haven't, it's a rare Dalglish interview in which we actually get the impression that we're hearing something close to the whole story. That's not to say that he's dishonest or disingenuous in his usual pressers or interviews, which are, at least from the standpoint of a Liverpool supporter, wonderful sparring matches that counteract the cliche-focused stuff we're used to hearing.

Yesterday's abysmal display called for something different, though, and the manager delivered an honest and on-point indictment of the effort he, his staff, and his players turned out. By some accounts it was overly harsh---threatening players with the prospect of no longer having a place at the club and speaking of disrespecting the tradition of a club that's been both successful and proud isn't the most gentle sentiment. But it was painfully accurate and fair, and in some cases likely not harsh enough.

So what's left there is the follow through, which likely won't involve a firesale or public stocks for those whose performance belied the confidence Dalglish has shown, as much as it might seem appropriate. But something needs changing, and with both City and United heading to Anfield this week, it needs to happen quickly.

There's also the small matter of examining what's going wrong at the top, with selection and tactical approaches that have been hit-or-miss throughout the season. Calling for his head is premature and unneeded, but criticism and questions are more than justified. We've been patient, and will continue to do so, but the continued struggles of the summer's additions along with poor performances---regardless of the personnel---against sides Liverpool "should" be beating is enough to take us from head-scratching to concerned.

And yet somehow Liverpool's not completely lost in the wilderness of the Premier League table, six points off fourth and just one away from Arsenal in fifth. That's both encouraging and incredibly frustrating, as Liverpool have failed to take advantage of countless openings time and again. That they capitulate so completely when the help's so readily provided makes table-watching an exercise in futility, with Liverpool shooting themselves in the foot every chance they get.

That's a conversation for another day. For the time being let's just hope that the words spoken below carry some weight, and that we start to see a Liverpool side that, from top to bottom, starts to live up to expectations.

Video by EOTKTV

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