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Steven Gerrard and His Groin Return to Action

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steven gerrard o face

Steven Gerrard's groin is back. It's fit, rested, and ready to go. And maybe also tanned. Though for now that last bit remains unconfirmed. It also remains to be seen whether it's in it for the long haul this time around or fated to leave Steven Gerrard and millions of fans around the world feeling let down again. But no pressure, kid.

Still, with Everton on the horizon and whispers that after a pair of cameos Gerrard and the groin he's had an at times tempestuous relationship with might even be ready to put in sixty minutes of strained, sweaty action from the opening whistle on Saturday, we might as well stick with the positives. Like that Steven Gerrard and his groin are back. And that they really looked quite good against Brighton in the League Cup and Wolves in the league. Perhaps even looked as though they hadn't spent six months on the sidelines undergoing surgeries and fighting infections. And if you don't believe me, just spend some time with every touch compilations of their first two games back. Then try not to get too excited while placing all your hopes and dreams of victory at Goodison on, well, you know…

By N7Hristov via footylounge.

By N7Hristov via Vimeo.

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