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Video: Liverpool v. Wolves Extended Highlights

Jose Enrique had another display that argued his case as Liverpool's player of the season to date, but you won't see much of that here. Lucas played over 270 minutes in less than a week and still had the stamina to run from one end of the pitch to the other to make a match-saving tackle in injury time, but you won't see that here. You also won't see Charlie Adam standing around in midfield, checking email on his Zune Bold 5000 and leaving a tired Lucas to almost single-handedly cover the defensive side of the game. And you won't see much of Jordan Henderson, either. Though those last two were always a stretch to get much time in a highlights package, at least outside of the part where Charlie Adam's frustrating tendency to fire wide from distance finally ended in a lucky break.

You will, however, see Suarez being Suarez, Carroll having his best showing since Manchester City with not a hoof in sight, and all the other good sorts of highlighty things you tend to see in MOTD highlight packages. Which, if you're still in a mood for silver linings a week out from Tottenham, leaves plenty of topics free for further discussion as the week goes on. But enough dithering, on to the video…

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