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Poll: Rate Liverpool's Transfer Window

Is the only criteria that matters that the club now appears to have owners who aren't interested in bleeding it dry? How much of a damper does the last minute sucker punch of Meireles to Chelsea alter things? And are you too deliriously happy that Philipp Degen is finally gone to think straight?

Certainly the club went hard for their targets early on—Henderson, Adam, and Downing—but opinion on the particular costs and merits of each of the trio remains somewhat less than universal. Elsewhere, though, it's hard to argue that Comolli and Dalglish didn't dig up solid bargains at positions of need. And on the whole, depending on who you believe and after taking saved wages and outgoings into account, the club has now invested between £25-35M in the complete overhaul of the squad since January. Certainly it's a commendable outlay, and certainly the playing staff seems barely recognisable from a year ago, though for better or worse it's hardly the wild spending spree some would make it out to be.

So in the end, does this go down as a great transfer window for the club, perhaps even its best in the Premier League era? Or are you left with questions about some of the moves and fees involved? Did the club overpay for someone like Jordan Henderson, and does it matter or is Dalglish getting the player he wanted the only thing that does? Does paying Craig Bellamy wages close to the £95k per week he was got at City while the club struggled to offload a similarly compensated Joe Cole put a damper on the utility striker's acquisition? Does appearing to have finally solved the club's left back nightmare alone make it a successful window?

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We've done nothing but talk around here for the past few days, starting with the official signing of Sebastian Coates and departure of Christian Poulsen, through Joe Cole's loan to Lille, NGog's Bolton move, Craig Bellamy's arrival, and Raul Meireles' departure, before Ed took the reins to put a bow on the summer's deals. We've said enough about transfers. Now we want to turn it over to the great community here at the Liverpool Offside to find out how you think things stack up—and just what you think of the new-look Liverpool.

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