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Meireles Flips Off Lucas, Capello Eyes Kelly, and Other Monday Notes

raul meireles middle finger arsenal

It may be Monday, but at least there's midweek football to look forward to. And also you don't have potentially painful, season defining trips to Udine, Italy, and Manchester to worry about after less than two weeks of action. So with the mood suitably brightened (unless you're an Arsenal fan), have some of the day's Liverpool miscellany to help waste the minutes until Wednesday rolls around…

* After Lucas played a key role in the build up to Liverpool's second goal, drawing out the Arsenal defenders before putting Raul Meireles in on goal to set up Luis Suarez for an easy tap-in, Meireles appeared rather heated. In fact, he seemed downright angry next to the smiling, celebrating Luis Suarez, shouting and raising his middle finger at somebody just out of frame.

This lead to a brief flurry of speculation. Was the anger aimed at an Arsenal defender? Perhaps at a fan who was giving him abuse? Maybe even at the Liverpool bench if the Portuguese midfielder was unhappy with his situation at the club?

In the end, then, it was directed at somebody with Liverpool: It was aimed at Lucas. But it wasn't meant in anger, instead being a reference to Emmanuel Frimpong, the Arsenal player who had earlier planted his studs in Lucas' shin in an incident that probably should have seen the Gunners' young defensive midfielder given a straight red. Instead he only received yellow, but as it was his second of the match he was subsequently dismissed. Which meant he had to give Lucas the finger for daring to try and clear the ball when Frimpong was flying in studs up.

Or something. Since with Arsenal, if it's not the officials screwing you over, it's players getting you sent off by having the nerve to not cower in fear when you come charging in with a late, dirty, and potentially dangerous tackle.

* One of the people pretty much nobody thought Meireles was flipping off on Saturday was Fabio Capello, though the English manager was in the stands and it's hardly beyond the realm of possibility that at some point in the ninety minutes of the match somebody at the Emirates gave him the finger.

Capello was there to watch England regulars Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing, but he also had some interest in Martin Kelly, who first began to receive national team buzz back in the spring before injury quickly put an end to such speculation. But with Glen Johnson out and Kelly putting in a strong shift against Arsenal on Saturday, it might be time to start it up again:

I see some players [that are] interesting for me, some new players like Kelly the right-back, he is really interesting.

He is young and he played a good, good game.

Right, so Kelly played a good, good game. That's good to know. Now to try and figure out if, now that Capello has noticed him, his eventual inclusion at the national level will help his continuing development or result in a slew of injuries that stunt it.

* Brand value! Synergy! Smoked ham! It's the Joe Cole promotional brochure, making its way by registered mail to the management of QPR, Wolverhampton, Tottenham, and anybody else foolish enough to give Joe Cole's agent their mailing address. So if you own a professional football club and would be interested in the opportunity of a lifetime, well, you might just want to give Joe Cole a shot.

Heck, it's even just about believable after the leaked Michael Owen promotional brochure of a few years back that somehow got the washed up turncoat a cushy spot on the Manchester United bench.

We'll be back with more in a bit, but in the meantime, since we somehow didn't get around to a proper time wasting Sunday post this week, have the Match of the Day highlight package from Liverpool v. Arsenal…

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