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Rumour Mongering: Jovanovic Agrees Terms With Anderlecht

milan jovanovic liverpool anderlecht

With Liverpool's summer spending spree fading into memory, and with the club appearing largely content with its current personnel despite that the vast majority of said spree was dedicated to bolstering one of the club's strongest areas while ignoring positions most everybody agreed they were weak at, much of the attention now turns to those who could be on their way out. And while news on that front has been a slow trickle at best, perhaps unsurprising given the difficulty in shifting out well-paid players that have been hugely disappointing, at least one more name seems fully set to officially follow Paul Konchesky out of Anfield...

Milan Jovanovic

He hasn't trained with the club during preseason, and he's been linked to a half dozen sides on the continent pretty much since the summer began. With a new story coming out each week to say that a deal with one of them was set to be completed any day now, any day now has been a long time coming. But it finally appears as though it has arrived, with the Belgian press reporting that Jovanovic has finally agreed personal terms with Anderlecht.

Jovanovic's agent is on record as saying that both he and Anderlecht manager Herman Van Holsbeeck will now head to Liverpool to sort out any issues with his soon-to-be former club, though the expectation is that Liverpool is willing to let him go out the same way he came in—on a free. Jovanovic may have been on high wages like most of last summer's signings, but in his case there was a clear desire to remain part of the Serbian national team, something that was unlikely to happen if he stayed at Liverpool. That's in stark contrast to the case of Christian Poulsen, a player who though his agent has made clear a desire to stay at Liverpool even if it means sitting on the bench and being dropped from the Danish national side in the run up to next summer's European Championships.

As such, it will likely be far easier for most Liverpool fans to wish the Serbian attacker the best of luck as he returns to the league he arrived at Liverpool from after having success at Standard Liege.

Scott Dann

With Birmingham facing financial troubles so serious—namely that their owner is in jail in Hong Kong awaiting trial with his assets frozen—that for a time there was speculation that they might be denied certification to play in Europe, early rumoured target Scott Dann has made his way back onto the radar. With both Birmingham's monetary crisis and a market that has cooled somewhat after the insanity of June and early July, Dann's rumoured price has dropped down closer to the £10M mark, with Arseanl and Liverpool both said to have rekindled their interest. And given some of Liverpool's preseason struggles at the back, just about any new defender seems likely to be met with hope and positivity should Liverpool ever manage to bring one in.

Jose Enrique

He's been linked to the club just about since Dalglish took over, at least until Liverpool's eyes turned to Gael Clichy as the solution to their left back problem. With Clichy choosing to go to Manchester City instead and no other clubs in England reportedly looking for a left back at this stage of the transfer season, Liverpool is rumoured to once again be interested in the Spanish fullback. As with Dann, it seems largely a case of people linking Liverpool to a player they were linked to before at a position of weakness that hasn't been addressed while Damien Comolli's been busy reliving his days at Tottenham by buying up every midfielder in sight. And, like with Scott Dann, there's a great deal of speculation that given the shifting market conditions his price would now be significantly cheaper than earlier in the summer—perhaps as low as £8M, half the fee it was rumoured would be needed to pry him away from Newcastle in June.

Daniel Ayala

Another name in the growing pile of potential outgoings, and a player who despite Liverpool's shaky backline has hardly been given a look so far in preseason, Ayala nonetheless impressed during his time at Hull last year and rumours have the Tigers looking to acquire the defender on a more permanent basis this time around. In his short time at Hull, he quickly became a crowd favourite and was considered by many to be by far their best defender—and one who still had plenty of room to grow. With returning veterans like Sotirios Kyrgiakos apparently still considered better options at Liverpool while the young Spaniard remains out of favour, it's hardly surprising to see his name bandied about, though that his most likely destination appears to be the Championship and not a return to Spain perhaps is.

Alberto Aquilani

It's being reported that AC Milan have said the Italian midfielder "Could be of interest." Unless it's just that his agent has gone out and said that Aquilani could be of interest to AC Milan, since every few days Aquilani's agent says something new. What it all means is anybody's guess, with the player remaining in a kind of limbo where everybody seems to assume he desperately wants out while the club doesn't seem to care to keep him. But there's still no real news outside of what his agitating agent decides to leak, and nobody outside of his agent himself may actually fully know quite what's going on with Aquilani.

Joe Cole

Newly promoted London side QPR might be in for Cole. But given the recent revelation by Tony Barrett of The Times that he's in fact on £110,000 per week, one assumes they really aren't. At least not while the player himself has to date seemed unbothered by being nothing but a benchwarmer at Liverpool so long as he's well paid for the privilege. If Cole isn't willing to take a paycut to head back to West Ham and play the hero returning to the club he grew up at, carrying them back to the Premier League and assuring a place in their history, it's hard to see him being willing to take a paycut to head anywhere else.

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