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Kuyt and Suarez Score, News on the Asian Tour, and Other Thursday Notes

Liverpool-related action slows down remarkably today, as the round of internationals grinds to a halt and transfer murmurings, at least for the time being, fade to white noise. There is some CONCACAF Gold Cup action to watch, as well as a friendly between Poland and France later in the day, but otherwise we're left to the few bits and pieces of news that we can scrounge up.

* The one friendly that we had been somewhat looking forward to was the matchup between Dirk Kuyt's Holland and Luis Suarez' Uruguay, and the two Liverpool men obliged the interest by netting the only goals for their respective sides. Uruguay took the lead in the 82nd minute, with Edison Cavani's cross threading through a number of bodies in the penalty area to Suarez, whose goalbound effort got under Abel Hernandez and past Tim Krul.

It was a familiar sight for Liverpool supporters eight minutes later when Kuyt leveled, as he posted up next to Nestor Muslera in goal prior to the corner only to nudge off just in time to meet the delivery and nod into the open net. The match ended up going to penalties, which the hosts won 4-3. In the end it was a good showing for both Kuyt and Suarez, and a nice way for both sides to bridge the gap to their next set of competitive matches---for Uruguay its the Copa America later in the summer, and for the Netherlands it's their next round of Euro qualifiers after a friendly date with England in early August.

* The Copa America will mean that Suarez misses out on Liverpool's tour of Asia, which the official site has started to promote as July inches nearer. They've launched a special site for the occasion, which will be marked by matches with Guandong and a Malaysia XI taking place on July 13th and 16th respectively. As Gavin Law reminded us earlier in the year, Liverpool and Standard Chartered have an excellent marketing opportunity in Asia, and regardless of whether or not they come back with a gaggle of, in his words, "Korean, Indian, Chinese player," it'll be nice for supporters to see a healthy amount of squad members in action. And, on the corporate side of things, we'll probably get a chance to see Gavin Laws dive into a vat of gold, Scrooge McDuck style.

* Lastly, there's a steady stream of reports coming out in the past couple of hours that Alberto Aquilani has been turned away by Juventus and will be returning to Anfield, but there's not any actual confirmation that this has occurred or will be any time soon. Most recently we've heard his agent deny that Milan made an approach, which doesn't exactly tell us anything useful other than we don't know anything more than we knew before. For now it's just an endless loop of wondering about what will happen, talk about where he would fit if he did return, hear something that may or may not be true about his future, and then wonder what will happen. So yeah, there's that to talk about.

One other note to include on the day regarding guest submissions---thanks to all those who have gotten in touch, and if you haven't heard anything back from me, it doesn't mean we're not interested. I've been waiting for our servers to be fixed in order to get the posts going. This is mostly related to the fact that a few of you have included pictures to run with the post, which is great. What's not so great, though, is that with our servers, it takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to upload a picture. Between wanting to do the completed submissions justice and trying to figure out a way to shoot Word Press in the face, getting things up and running is taking some time.

That wraps up Thursday, aside from some Twitter action that Liverpool have signed a West Brom teenager named Jerome Sinclair. So that makes it all worth it. Anyhow, back tomorrow with whatever's useful. Assuming that's going to happen.

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