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The Transfer Window In Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are undeniably awesome, but I'm sure you all remember that from last time. So do you know what's even more undeniably awesome than charts and graphs? That's right: Transfer season.

And also problem drinking, but for now let's stick to transfer season. And charts and graphs. And putting them together to create something so undeniably undeniably awesome that the Universe is right this moment teetering on a knife's edge ready to collapse in a big crunch from all the awesomeness pulling it in. Plus they can tell you if you're Martin Samuel or not, which could be helpful.

So, yeah. The transfer window. Charts and graphs. We've got 'em:

liverpool transfer chart adam rumour
liverpool transfer in the know
liverpool transfer bullshit rumour
liverpool transfer rumour new
liverpool transfer chart and graphs

Right, now that the fun's out of the way I'm off to follow the ITKs on Twitter while killing my liver and weeping quietly. It'll be awesome.

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