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Liverpool v. Newcastle: Extended Highlights

It's Wednesday, which means it's just about time to put the Newcastle victory to bed and turn attention toward Monday's trip to Craven Cottage with a Fulham side that's won each of their last three at home, scoring three goals in each match and kept clean sheets in the last two.

Before we get there, though, a look back at Liverpool's own three-goal home victory with the requisite MOTD highlight package. Noel did most of the heavy lifting the other day breaking down the two goals from open play, but there's always something to be found in revisiting a healthy portion, if not all, of the match action.

So grab yourself a warm cup of coffee and enjoy watching Liverpool grab the early lead, work their way through a difficult first half, and eventually find themselves pulling away as comfortable victors. Plenty of positives by the end of the match, and maybe the fact that we can note such a drastic change from the first half to the second is the biggest positive of all. Excellent adjustments made all around, and the end result was indicative of this.

Season's end is fast approaching, so now's the time to soak in what's left of the football:

Liverpool v Newcastle United by wcphenix

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