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Young Player of the Season Revealed, Carroll Out of U21 Euros, and Other Monday Notes

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Remember that time last week when we had a poll as part of our move towards wrapping up the season? And then we had another and another and another? Well, no more polls this week, but what we will be having are the results of those polls, with commentary on the winners (and occasionally the losers) from all the bloggers and guest editors involved in order to give a bit of perspective on things. It's really quite good (if I do say so myself, which I think I just did), and it kicks off right about now on Oh You Beauty with the presentation of Young Player of the Season. So you should probably go and read it...

* First off in the first post-season news and notes, we have a bit of good news on the Andy Carroll front: He won't be participating in this summer's u21 European Championships. It would be natural to doubt his inclusion in the summer

tournament following the past few weeks with Liverpool, as recovering fully from the knee injury he arrived from Newcastle with has proven harder than expected and he wasn't even able to make the bench against either Fulham or Aston Villa. Still, dealing with injuries well has never been a strong point for the English national sides, and with Arsenal's Jack Wilshere also sitting out the tournament it seems likely both clubs put a great deal of pressure on the FA in order to insure their players wouldn't be included and could get some solid time off to rest up for next season.

* From headlines screaming Hodgson Kops Cole to epic swindles and record arrivals, LFCtv has collected a series of newspaper headlines to chart the course of Liverpool's 2010-11 season (and that's one of them up at the top). There's some fun stuff in there—and more than a few bad memories as well. But, you know, it's all in pictures. Though those pictures are of words. Still, if you're in the mood for a few minutes of more looking than reading, you'll have a blast.

* And for the fans of numbers out there, the Guardian breaks down the just finished Premier League season, starting at zero and working all the way up to 3420—which, incidentally, is a number involving Martin Skrtel. Some of the more intriguing examples:

1 Fulham only conceded one penalty all season, fewer than any other side

4 Stoke City scored the most goals from throw-ins in the Premier League this season

18 Liverpool scored in 18 successive matches between 1 January to 9 May 2011; the longest such run in the Premier League this season

1993 The youngest player to play in the Premier League in 2010-11 was Liverpool's Jack Robinson, born on 1 September 1993

Right, now I feel really old and vaguely depressed. Still, there's some interesting stuff in there.

Well, there you go. Oh, and welcome to the offseason—it'll probably sink in some time next week when you realise there really is no new Liverpool football for a long time. You'll know it's really hit with me when I start asking for advice on which Chinese Super League side I should adopt. In the meantime, if you really miss the polls, they'll still be open until about 24-hours before the results are presented. Perhaps more than any, then, Signing of the Season is still up for grabs as Suarez and Dalglish fight it out at the top. So, you know, vote early, vote often. And mostly vote often, since it could hardly be called early any more...

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