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Defensive Solutions, Giving in to LeBron, and Other Friday Notes

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fabio aurelio glass

Everybody's injured. Joe Cole is king of the over-paid dross. And Xabi's off saying nice things, which just makes the whole situation worse in a way.

Maybe Glen Johnson will miraculously find full fitness by next monday, instead of by the third monday of next month, and make things a whole lot easier on my liver. Yeah, I know, that's not going to happen...

* With Agger sidelined for the season, Johnson out for a month, Aurelio made of soggy newspaper (or glass), Kelly still out, and even untested wunderkind Jack Robinson injured, vlogcasting superstars We Are The Redmen took to the tubewaves to try and figure out what the best solution to Liverpool's defensive crisis was.

Three at the back? Find a way to recall Philip Degan? Play Lucas at wingback? Whatever the case, after West Brom, their thought that a Carragher-Kyrgiakos-Skrtel-Wilson back line is most likely for the City match is comprehensively terrifying. Maybe not Paul Konchesky terrifying, but damn close. I'll probably end up drunk and having nightmares of hoofing now.

* Meanwhile, yeah, I know, we're late to the party on the LeBron James issue. But that's only because I didn't really care and decided to throw together a handful of hilarious1charts and graphs yesterday instead of talking about it. Still, at this point, with every outlet under the sun considering it newsworthy it seems almost foolish to not at least give the story a proper mention.

So, what do you need to know? LeBron james plays basketball. He's rather good at it. He's richer than you'll ever be. And he now has a very small minority stake in Liverpool Football Club along with the eighteen other minority stakeholders in FSG whose names aren't John Henry. Also, it appears likely that rather than purchasing the shares in LFC outright, James received them in either whole or partial payment for FSG becoming his worldwide representative for marketing purposes.

In other news, FSG still owns a baseball team and has an ongoing interest in NASCAR, both of which are as likely to have any real impact on what happens with Liverpool as James owning some portion of the club as part of a marketing stunt. Though on the other hand, the always worth a read Run of Play thinks the deal holds more significance than I do, even if it's largely from the point of view of it being a significant deal for what it symbolizes in a more general sense than for any difference it will likely make for anybody already invested in LFC. And hey, James said he's excited and would like to visit Anfield at some point, so yay or something.

* Elsewhere, fast on the heels of Standard Chartered announcing that they'd like to see Liverpool buy an Asian player or three comes word of a pre-season Asian tour sponsored by Standard Chartered. Which I assume is some sort of sponsorship in addition to their regular shirt sponsorship, and as such may or may not entitle them to one Keisuke Honda.

In any case, for Reds in and around Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, and Soul--or just for anybody who decides that July would be a perfect time to visit Malaysia--this three match engagement may offer the chance for a bit of live football. Meanwhile, rumours of a few North American dates continue to do the rounds, and if they turn into anything more than rumours we'll be sure to pass it along.

In the meantime, when you're done checking on whether Fernando Torres has scored for Chelsea yet (HT: brentosis) and remember that the Liverpool-City match isn't until Monday and so you've got a weekend full of Arsenal falling further behind United to look forward to that your liver may not survive...

1 Yeah, I said it. Deal with it.

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