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Blog Pollin': Left Back for the Run-In Edition

When Fabio Aurelio's contract wasn't renewed in May of 2010, the sentiment was fairly unanimous, as he's a likable guy, good for the squad, great when fit, but not a long-term option. He was a classy, composed, and technically gifted fullback that provided Liverpool with some fantastic moments in important matches, but his injury record got in the way of what could have developed into a very good career.

So when news broke in late July that he'd be coming back as part of a two-year contract engineered by Roy Hodgson, there was again a fairly positive consensus---great option to provide cover for a younger left back, experience and skill that strengthened the squad, and, as always, the promise that if he managed to stay fit, he'd have the type of season that could earn Liverpool a handful of points at the very least.

And then, unfortunately, this season progressed in a manner similar to his previous four at the club,

with fitness concerns interrupting a short string of encouraging, high-level performances. Most recently it was a vintage display in his return against Manchester City followed by a start at the Emirates that ended up getting cut short by another injury.

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