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Dalglish & Clarke, Dalglish & Reina, and Other Wednesday Dalglishs

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Kenny Dalglish trolls arsenal manchester united

We've got Dalglish, Dalglish, and more Dalglish for Wednesday's news and notes. Dalglish with players; Dalglish with coaches; Dalglish with cucumber sandwiches and a nice Earl Gray. We've got more Dalglish than we know what to do with here at The Liverpool Offside, and we're clearing it all out at rock-bottom prices for a limited time only...

* Hey, remember that part where Pepe Reina was totally leaving in the summer? And then that part where Liverpool's totally bringing in Hugo Lloris, aka. Lloris the Llama, to replace him? Yeah, well now he went and said that Dalglish is, like, the best ever. So set your violent mood swing to ultra-positive and awesome and stuff:

He's a legend in Liverpool--and I mean a legend because sometimes that word is used too much for other people. Kenny knows exactly what the people think and what the supporters want to see.

Because he was a great player himself, he understands the point of view of a player and that means he knows how to set standards and what is acceptable. He makes everything much easier for us.

We cannot just perform against the top sides because a season is 10 months long. If we get the balance right, we'll be a lot, lot closer to where we want to be. We started this season and the last one not the best. Next time, we need to make sure that doesn't happen.

So, everybody can safely order a new Pepe Reina kit for next season, right? Well, except for the part where next year's goalkeeper shirt is one of the ugliest examples in recent history--something like this year's outfield away kit on neon steroids--of what is typically an ugly breed to begin with. Though ugly keeper kits aside, a part of me was starting to hope I could rise to fame (with a touch of corresponding fortune, of course) on the back of having dubbed Liverpool's next star between the sticks the llama.1

* Moving from the players to the coaches, The Guardian says Steve Clarke is about to be offered a long-term deal by FSG. This is somewhat strange, since I was under the impression his contract had already been sorted. Perhaps it was only that all the news outlets said he was going to be offered a long-term contract a month and a half ago, it didn't happen, and now all the old stories are being recycled. In any case, while I try to sort out whether what I'm remembering actually happened or if it's just a fever dream, and while we're at it whatever happened to that major stadium announcement that was supposed to take place during the last international break, I'll pass along some of Clarke's words on the current situation:

Every manager I've worked with–you pick up good qualities from all of them and so far, in a short space of time, I've seen a lot of great qualities from Kenny. I hope to continue the work into the future.

Anyone watching us play right now can see the spirit is high, the confidence is good and the performances have been decent. Now we need to continue it. If you are working well as a group and working well day in, day out in training–you can see they're taking that on to the pitch right now. If you've got that togetherness it goes a long way in any team sport – especially football.

The Guardian seems to think that for those reading between the lines or sorting the tea leaves or however it is today's modern soothsayer is supposed to do it this is one more sign that Dalglish will be in it for the long run, and I tend to agree. Either that or Clarke's contract won't be sorted any time soon, everybody will half forget this, and we'll get to go through the whole song and dance again in a month.

* Meanwhile in the most Dalglish-specific Dalglish news of the day, the Liverpool legend was officially cleared of any wrongdoing by the FA for telling Arsene Wenger to piss off. Because apparently some Manchester United fans had their eyes permanently scarred when they lip-read Dalglish telling his Arsenal counterpart to go away please and thanks. Either that or there's some deluded part of the United fan's mind that directly equates an annoyed dismissal of a competitor in an emotional sporting situation with cornering a camera and directly telling the home audience to eff off as Wayne Rooney did on the way to a two match ban.

Everybody sane was rather surprised the FA even ended up officially ruling on it, though as usual when it comes to Liverpool matters everybody sane didn't include the people over at UK Fanhouse who like to pretend they're real and objective journalists and not dirty bloggers before going out to ask with a straight face how the FA can let Dalglish get away with destroying a generation of the nation's youth.

Anywho, UK Fanhouse can piss off for putting out a bit of United fan-forum drivel masquerading as fair and balanced journalism on the subject, and so here's a link to the G* take on it instead. Which is maybe supposed to make some kind of obscure point nobody at Fanhouse will ever know was made in the first place.

Well, that was a whole lot of Dalglish for one day, which probably means that whatever comes next won't be about Dalglish. Unless it is, of course. In the meantime, after you figure out if you're in the sort of environment where you can listen to Billy Connolly offer his mildly forceful opinion on the English equivalent of go away please and thanks...

1 And Google says I was the first person to come up with calling Shakhtar Donetsk "Shakhtar Don't Ask Don't Tell," and now I see other people around the internets using it and quite frankly I want to know when I'll be seeing some royalties or everybody can just go away please and thanks

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