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Raul's Kicks, Suarez' Tricks, and Other Monday Notes

Raul Meireles

A quick note off the top for those who may have missed it while it was down, as new video of Kuyt's first goal--and the still-amazing-on-the-hundredth-viewing Suarez run that set it up--is now up in the previous post. Along with the remaining full highlight package that makes for a good visual companion piece to Ed's match report. Catch it before the FA does their best to stop people from seeing the best the Premier League has to offer...

* Raul Meireles: the man, the myth, the (quite frankly terrifying) fashion icon. Though perhaps it's simply that style is something I'm completely lacking in. But anyhow, for anybody who ever wanted to know a little more about the Portuguese midfielder who's been on quite a run under Kenny Dalglish, Duncan Castles offers up a great and ranging piece that trots from the reaction of teammates to his various outfits to his daughter picking up the beginnings of a Scouse accent to on the pitch issues. So go and get caught up a little bit on one of the new stars who's busy helping to define the post-Hicks, return of Dalglish era in its nascent form at Liverpool. And then we must join together to find pictures of him in the blue-hooped sailor get up the article mentions.

* Meanwhile, the rumble of players and fans and pundits looking to see Dalglish's role made more permanent has added another voice to its chorus, as ex-manager Graeme Souness--the man who of course took over for Dalglish in 1991--has chipped in on the subject in the wake of the victory over United:

It was an all round great day. From the first minute they opened up and got after Manchester United.

They kept them on the back foot for the majority of the match...

It was a resounding result and they should give him the contract to sign today. Why wait?

Of course, whether FSG does wait or not, it seems a fairly safe bet that it's really only a matter of time before Dalglish gets the job permanently at this point, unless he were to decide for some reason that he didn't want it.

* Over at OYB, Nate breaks out the chalkboards and digs a little deeper than than the jaw on the floor "OMG SUAREZ IS TEH AWESOME!!!!1!" I was able to manage earlier. Looking at it all, it really is phenomenal just how involved Luis Suarez was all over the pitch. And that doesn't even get to the little tug on Rafael's hair he snuck in, an event at least worthy of an evil little chuckle:

Pulled away from the fracas by Carrick, Rafael was moments away from calming down. Until Suarez cheekily yanked his faux-fro behind Dowd's back, which prompted a second round of stomping like a toddler who had his favorite toy taken away.

That's not nice. It's sure to provoke the ever-righteous 'spirit of the game' brigade into howls of condemnation. But it is funny. I'm sorry, but it's always funny when it happens to the opposition (yes, I'm a hypocrite). And I doubt it'll be the last time we see similar.

Seconded on all counts. And if somebody can point me towards the ever-righteous spirit of the game brigade, I'll be sure to give their hair a little yank before collapsing in a laughing heap.

In the meantime, while you imagine a decade of dominance for Liverpool under their new old boss...

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