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Video: Suarez Puts on a Show, Plus Extended Match Highlights

You can dissect tactics, formations, movement, tracking, coverages, and all the rest endlessly, but sometimes football has a way of offering up a moment that defies all of that completely: an at once both simple and fiendishly difficult display of playground brilliance. A moment for dirt streets and dusty fields and uneven park lawns. A moment to just make you sit back, jaw slightly agape, the instinct to cheer and scream and yell forgotten in a brief, stunned instant, because what you've just witnessed doesn't entirely make sense. Isn't supposed to happen. Not in the toughest, most physically demanding league in the world.

Luis Suarez previously had a pair of sublime turns against West Ham, a match that saw few Liverpool players cover themselves in glory. He also had bright moments in earlier outings against Wigan and Stoke. Certainly he's already confirmed in his brief time with Liverpool--despite a change of leagues and joining the club on the back of a six week ban--that he has what it takes to be a special player for the club. Still, as promising as some of his previous moments of individual skill had been, they were nothing compared to what he managed against United. And there isn't really much more that you can say; isn't much you can do to break it down. There really isn't anything to do but watch it again, able to appreciate the sheer wonder of such a mazy offering of unlikely brilliance in the full knowledge of what comes next. So watch it again.

A full 20 minute Match of the Day 2 highlight package follows below the fold.

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