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Blog Pollin': Andy Carroll, Fabio Capello, and Booze

In the first few months of the season, excessive drinking became something of a rite of passage around these parts, with the regular commenters sharing their favorite mode of intoxication to accompany each match. Those unfamiliar with the blog may have found this simultaneously concerning, exciting, confusing, and possibly a bit arousing.

Things have taken a turn for the better, though, depending on your definition of better, as Kenny Dalglish's arrival and Liverpool's subsequent improvement brought about drier times. That, or everyone's gone underground, in which case, share the wealth.

But thankfully we have Fabio Capello, who's been able to provide more worthless talking points in the past few weeks than the entire staff of Fox News put together. First we got the England captaincy saga, which pissed off everyone who's not a Chelsea fan, and then the sending home of five established internationals for rest and relaxation, which pissed off everyone who paid for a ticket and expected England to actually show up against Ghana. Now it gets...better?

Because now we get his (admittedly brief, and probably accurate) thoughts on Andy Carroll's favorite pastime:

“Look, he’s young. Really young. His behaviour now is really, really important. Really important. He needs to be careful at every moment. When you play with the England national team, you are the focus of the fans, the newspapers, the photographers, the people who live around you. I think not only Andy likes to drink beer. He needs to improve, to drink less.”

On the one hand, it's a fair commentary on the necessary adjustments that athletes of Carroll's stature must make. They're in the limelight, their every move scrutinized, the center of attention, and, in Carroll's case, carrying the weight of a transfer fee that's been kindly placed on his shoulders along with the expectation of replacing a once-loved, lightly-scoring former striker. And in Capello's defense, he's mostly consistent on his stance against drinking, unless he's looking to inspire his side to a famous 1-0 win over Slovenia. Sprinkle in Carroll's less than stellar history and you've got a bona fide story.

On the other hand, it seems a bit irresponsible, as it's already led to "You booze you lose" and not to "Do a Wayne Rooney." Which, in all honesty, is way too vague a headline to imply that we're talking about alcohol. At any rate, it's just another thing to heap on the pile, which is the last thing that Andy Carroll needs at this point.

But in the end, at least for the time being, it's also possible that this is just another meaningless story in a string of bullshittery that's dominated this international break.

Saturday, please hurry.

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