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The Suarez Song (Video), and The Reserves Face Everton

First things first, with video of the Traveling Kop belting out the new Suarez song against Sunderland for your enjoyment (and with a handy scroll of the lyrics across the bottom). Just a guess, but I think it has a chance of really catching on, this one. The player they're singing about doesn't seem half-bad, either.

Information about Dani Pacheco the Reserves match later today follows below the fold:

Since there's been a fair bit of interest in the reserves and youth of late, it seems as though it would be wise to point out that the reserves are at Anfield this evening for a mini-derby against Everton. It's live on LFCtv, both online with an eSeason ticket and on the TV box if you get the service, at 2:30PM EST/1830 GMT. The match also has listings showing up on MyP2P and FromSport for those looking for a streaming option.

Less clear is who exactly will play for the reserves, as currently there's no team news and some of the names people will know who aren't regularly part of the first team are off with various U17/19/21 sides as part of the international break. One thing that seems certain is that Dani Pacheco won't be participating with the reserves as he's off with the Spanish u21 b-team. And has also just been loaned out to Norwich City.

Either way, he certainly won't be involved in the reserves match today, but he may get a chance over the next few weeks to get a bit of game action and possibly help a currently second placed Norwich City into the Premier League. Given that he couldn't get into the mix at Liverpool while the club was hit with a string of injuries in recent weeks and that he's headed to an English side on loan rather than somewhere in Spain, perhaps it will turn out a good move for all involved.

Consider this an open thread for the match. You know, if you're going to watch the match and feel like it and something important happens that you want to scream about or etcetera. Either that or talk about how awesome Luis Suarez is. And who knows, if Ed's about he might even do some shouting about the match on Twitter (and is there a reason why you aren't following the LFCOffside Twitter account yet? Is it that you hate us?). Or he might be in meetings. So there's one more bit of exciting uncertainty for you to look forward to, which I share because I'm just giving like that.

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