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Video: Liverpool v. Sunderland Extended Highlights

A bit of video to get you through a Tuesday morning or evening, depending where upon the globe you happen to reside, with the full 18-minute Match of the Day 2 highlight, interview, and punditry package of the Liverpool v. Sunderland match on Sunday. As always with this sort of thing, it makes a good companion to Ed's match recap, and it's interesting to get a chance to take another look at a game with a bit of distance in between--and here it definitely makes Liverpool's at times shaky start much easier to sit through when you know how it's all going to turn out.

After a few viewings, I suspect I would have been exceptionally annoyed at the called penalty even being a called foul had Liverpool been on the wrong end of it. If I'm honest, every time I watch it I become less convinced enough contact was made with Spearing to warrant that vintage Gerrard swan dive in the box we got as a result, and so I do find myself more bothered than I was at the time. On the other hand, however, beachballs and Steve Bruce mean I have less sympathy for Sunderland than I might for some sides. Also, Suarez would have totally scored on the free kick if that's what it had ended up being.

I also tried to make all of this into a joke about Andy Gray and knowing a second linesman's name and that at least Billy Smallwood didn't screw up an offsides call, but it really wasn't coming off, so let's move on.

Oh, and I also also wanted to make a joke about somebody with the name Mensa(h) making two hideous mental errors that resulted in a yellow and penalty against and then later a straight red, though that you're reading that I wanted to make a joke about it probably tells you how well that one went, too.

In closing and summation and other fancy wrap-up verbiage, Luis Suarez remains undeniably awesome, the highlights package does a good job of largely ignoring the copious hoofing out of defense that needs to stop before it drives me to self harm, in retrospect there were a hell of a lot of iffy calls both ways, and Andy Carroll and Martin Skrtel would make an absolutely terrifying odd couple.

And I'm probably going to have nightmares about the two of them arguing about the offside rule now...

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