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Anfield Redevelopment Rumours, Carroll Called Up, and Other Monday Notes

Daniel Agger

Two weeks between matches. Like a preview of what we can expect if Liverpool doesn't somehow pip Tottenham for fifth. I for one will be nurturing a bit of manic depressive schizophrenia and senile dementia to help pass the time, and for the less mentally imbalanced playing (Ashley) Cole of Duty might help, though at least for the moment there's a fair bit of Liverpool news floating around to get you through the day...

* So, it looks like the fact that in the past six and a half matches Daniel Agger has played in (and it wouldn't be Daniel Agger if there wasn't a half match in there due to injury) Liverpool has kept the sheets all clean and smelling springtime fresh is making the rounds. For which I choose to blame Nate at OYB, who does his usual stellar job talking through the issue to its inarguable conclusion:

There are holes in Liverpool's defense, Agger or no Agger. Upgrades are needed at full-back and center-back. But, as the recent scoreless streak shows, any back four is better with Daniel Agger involved.

Word. Are the kids still saying that? Or is it all about the "quoted for truth" these days? Though of course it wouldn't be written out like that--but it would make a good acronym to put at the end of twatterings and whatnot. So: QFT. Or something.

You get the idea. Namely that Daniel Agger is awesome and you should go read the whole piece.

* Meanwhile, Empire of the Kop is claiming that FSG's stadium plans will be announced some time this week, and that those plans will be for redevelopment, with the previously recalcitrant city council signing off on various road re-routings and accepting the death of the possibility of a stadium shared with Everton. This does appear to be in the realm of "A friend who may or may not be in the know told another friend who told a blogger," so take it with a grain of salt, but it does match with what most people assumed FSG would do in the end, which does give it the ring of truth. Though that also probably means that I could have made it up and sounded credible in doing so, and so then we're right back where we started. Still, if true it's certainly big news for the club, and it's probably more solid and better sourced than 97% of what gets published as flashing lights exclusives on G* So there you go.

* Back on the player front, it just wouldn't be Liverpool if you weren't worried about the club's number nine getting injured on international duty, and so Fabio Capello has called up Andy Carroll along with Glen Johnson for England's Euro qualifier against Wales and subsequent friendly versus Ghana. Assuming he's fully healthy--and starting and playing seventy minutes against Sunderland only three days after the Braga game suggests he is--a bit more action is probably good for him, and one also imagines he isn't likely to feature in the qualifier against Wales at this stage, so to fully flip-flop within the span of a single paragraph I say bring on Ghana. And if he handballs off the line in extra time, perhaps Liverpool will be able to have the two most hated footballers in Ghana making up their strikeforce. So I guess that means it's okay or good or something that he was called up. Which makes it cool, I guess.

In the meantime, while you try to come to grips with not being with it any more while trying to figure out just when they changed what it was and the world became scary and weird...

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