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This Is Not and Other Wednesday Notes, and Other Wednesday Notes

Not a Post

You know how early on Wednesday morning--or in the early evening if you're one of our five Australian readers used to everything from blog posts to football matches to blog posts about football matches coming out at vaguely inconvenient times--there's usually a "Blah Blah and Blah, and Other Wednesday Blahs" post that goes up? And it usually has a couple of links to interesting news stories, or noteworthy blog posts around this series of tubes we call home, or whatever? And then it will end with some bit of Youtubery that's usually in some way related to either an ongoing theme or thread or whatever but sometimes it's a bit of a stretch because I can run out of ideas? Well, that's not what this post is...

* From their once seemingly unassailable throne of skulls and sinew and hideously unimpressive draws atop the Premier League table, United's chances to mark one more unfortunate notch in their tally of top flight successes has taken a hit lately as they find themselves only four points clear of Arsenal while the Gunners hold a game in their slippery, can't hold onto a victory in the Carling Cup hands. Which by various chutes and ladders brings us around to the rapidly approaching match against United coming up on Sunday, and the status of Liverpool's walking wounded.

In short, Raul Meireles, Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio, and Andy Carroll are all hopeful for United. Meanwhile, Martin Kelly has definitely torn a hamstring and as speculated won't be ready for at least a month. Which really doesn't tell us a whole lot more than we already knew, really, but now maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, and no is officially official. So, who else is kinda possibly a little bit potentially excited unless they aren't?

* Down amongst the reserves--with the help of a handful of u18s and Jay Spearing as he works his way back to fitness--Dani Pacheco and Suso were rolling the months back to, oh, eighteen or so ago, when Liverpool at times seemed a northern Spanish outpost in the Reconquista of England. You can quibble about calling it a reconquest when it was never theirs to begin with, but nobody likes a pedant. Besides, the duo both scored in a 2-0 win over Blackburn that took the reserves to the top of the table with Liverpool still in the running for the treble of reserve and u18 trophies they're competing for. To hell with scientific advancement and religious acceptance, bring on the rack as long as it's got a couple of trophies along for the ride.

* Fire up the rumour mills, round up the urchins, and toss another name on the barbie next to Fabio Coentrao. Or some other simile that makes more sense. Or any sense, really. In any case, Michael Bastos is the next big name at left back being linked to Liverpool from the digital straight of Gibraltar to the cyber cafes of Vladivostok, and though the chances of him ending up at Liverpool are likely to be situatied somewhere rather south of nil, I suppose that at least it's a step up in class from having the nether-reaches of the internets spuriously link the club to Paul Konchesky and Stephen Warnock.

Or: Yes, please. I'll take one each of Coentrao and Bastos, with a side of Hazard and a snifter of Defour. Thanks. Keep the change.

Though I do have to wonder about This is Anfield dubbing the 27-year old Brazilian international Bastos a prospect. Because really, that's a bit like calling me a solid prospect to become a blogging billionaire. Well, except that Bastos is already, as mentioned, a highly regarded Brazilian international. While I'm rather more than a couple of zeroes away from becoming a blogging billionaire. Which I suppose actually makes the former nothing at all like the latter, though if Richard Branson or Steve Jobs are reading this and feeling generous, well, I'm not too big a man to take a handout. Just putting that out there. And would you grill a Coentrao with piri-piri, or would something earthy and sweet be more suitable?

In the meantime, don't you have something better to do? Like work or spending time with loved ones or taking a nice and refreshing nap? Watching yet another bit of video on the internet while there's a full life out there waiting for you just seems so...

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