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Video: Liverpool v. Man United, FA Youth Cup

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Ed will be along later in the day with the Braga preview, but in the meantime there isn't much out there on the Liverpool news front, which perhaps shouldn't be all that surprising on the final day of a long off-week between matches. Still, when you're down to staring at indeterminate articles about potential behind the scenes issues involving an agent who may or may not have had something to do with Andy Carroll's transfer to Liverpool which in turn might or might not have an impact on his former agent suing him for breach of contract, well, it makes a news and notes wrap up rather hard to scrape together.

I suppose I could always just point anyone who normally finds their way here via a news aggregator whose various filters and algorithms block the devil's dirty evil curse words towards yesterday's sweartacular offering about Fernando Torres, but I wouldn't want to seem to be shilling for clicks. But if you haven't read the piece about former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres from yesterday, you really should go and Fernando Torres it. Fernando Torres.

Seriously, though, the overlords at The Offside will beat me if we fall short of various synergistic blogform hit levels of sychronistic exceptionalism. Fernando Torres.


Anyhow, for the rest of you, something you're more likely to need catching up on would be Liverpool's FA Youth Cup match from last weekend. Certainly that Liverpool's now out makes it less pressing news, but it was still an at times wild and entertaining affair, with Liverpool going up 2-0 before a run that saw a pair of a pair of red cards as four players were sent off while United fought back to claim a narrow victory in a match that at times got as ugly in the away stands as it did on the pitch. So for those who may have missed it due to time zones or time changes or simply because you don't have access to LFCtv, here you go:

p.s.: Apologies that the only highlight package out there with commentary appears to be from the MUFCtv feed.

p.p.s.: Fernando Torres.

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