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February! Winning! Substance Abuse!

February collage

I couldn't exactly remember much of what happened in February on the blog, but then The Offside stats came out and we were winning. Like, scoreboard, bitches. And then I thought, well, duh? We're on a drug around here, and that drug is called Liverpool. And when you're flying high on Liverpool like an F-15, dropping bombs of wisdom on the uninitiated and just hitting every mark with powerful pearls of poetry only made possible by superior genetics best befitting the righteous, rightful son of Zeus that you are, well, what do you expect?

That's right. You expect winning.

Defeat is not an option, and that's just how we roll around here. So sit back and enjoy, because you know we'll never be short of epic. Violent, hard, winning epic.

Liverpool. Winning. Epic. And maybe a little cocaine, pcp, absinthe, E, X, Y, and Z, and just a sprinkle of black tar heroin for good measure. But always winning. In February. Like a condor with laser eyes and cruise missile launching testicles and wings that can bridge the Pacific and slap your non-believing ass back to the mesozoic...

* Anyhow, on to the story of February: After a chaotic end to January, February started on a high note with a 2-0 win over Stoke, with Luis Suarez coming on as a substitute and scoring his first goal for the club in front of the Kop [Click] before Liverpool ambled down to London to face Torres' new side and come away with a hugely satisfying 1-0 victory [Click]

But those first two matches of the month brought more to the table than just a satisfying pair of victories to cleanse the palette after the insanity of the Torres saga--it also brought a surprise three center back formation, and a chance to talk tactics with first a break-down of the 3-6-1 formation's basics after Stoke [Click] and then a look at the way the slightly tweaked formation against Chelsea had shut down the opponent's most dangerous attacking area, Zone 14 [Click] while also giving us all a chance to bask in the sheer rightness of Dalglish's dealings with the media in the wake of victory at Stamford Bridge [Click]

Tom Hicks then made a brief re-appearance in the news before slinking back off to wherever slinking, slimy, unpleasant things tend to go when they aren't actively slinking [Click] adding up to an absolutely jam packed and hugely entertaining start to the month.

* Unfortunately, after that flying start, Liverpool wasn't able to maintain their fine form as the squad started to sink back down to earth. First came a draw against Wigan [Click] before a pair of dull matches against Sparta Praha that saw Liverpool just sneak through in the Europa League [Click] and [Click]

Elsewhere while the club was floundering along, we turned to Raheem Sterling and the reserves [Click] the club's former manager finding a home at West Brom [Click] a brief butchery of Shakespeare [Click] and the status of Alberto Aquilani at cash strapped Juventus to help pass the time [Click]

* Then, just when things started to look up when arch-villain Christian Purslow left the club for good [Click] Liverpool went and got themselves thumped by West Ham to round out the string of unimpressive performances in the worst manner possible [Click] and all while managing to get Martin Kelly seriously injured and helping to re-ignite the Gerrard debate [Click]

All in all it wasn't a particularly bright and shining end to a month that had started so well, as while it signaled the current squad's ability to go toe to toe with anyone on their day and with everybody healthy, it also showed the first cracks under Dalglish in what has looked an increasingly thin squad as the days and weeks roll past. One can only hope that come the end of March, the United victory that kicked things off this month will not look as lonesome a bright spot on the pitch as January's two early matches did by its end. Or just that we'll see more winning.

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