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Steven Gerrard Out, Segura to Coach Reserves, and Other Friday Notes

Gerrard Watches
Liverpool has at least four weeks of Gerrard
watching from the stands to look forward to

Right, so it's the Friday news and notes, coming at you faster than a rabid chipmunk on crystal methamphet- amine. Of course, given the vagaries of time zones, the prime blogging time of just after lunch in the eastern half of North America means all the cool kids across the pond are getting ready to head out and eyeball vodka, so assuming they can still see when a night of debauchery is said and done one would expect this to end up more a Saturday morning news and notes, consumed alongside a full English in the hopes that the grease will help pave over the previous evening's excesses. And meanwhile over in the Land of Oz the sun hasn't quite risen on a new day, but since we're talking Australians here they're probably already out wrestling Great White Land Sharkodiles in the sun baked outback (and even if it's still dark outside the outback is sunbaked). Or something. What I'm saying is that I'm fairly sure everybody in Australia is Chuck Norris, including the ladies and your beard is incredibly sexy ma'am please don't punch my throat out.

In any case, I guess this is the news and notes for whenever you get to it...

* Right off the top we have an unfortunate news story so brief that 67% of it fits into the the header at the official site, a passage short enough to comfortably fit in a 140 character Tweet:

LFC can today confirm that Steven Gerrard has undergone successful surgery on his groin and will be out for up to four weeks.

Well, so much for any hope of having him back next week to help with Liverpool's painful lack of depth and a goal deficit in the Europa tie. In less painful news, you should probably follow the Liverpool Offside's mostly updated by Ed but occasionally by Noel where he annoyingly refers to himself in the third person to try to avoid too much confusion, because Noel's just awesome like that, Twitter account. We plan on using it to shortly begin a fundraiser to fly Jan-Jan the Hammer Man in from Holland to help Gerrard with his recovery.

* Meanwhile, the reserves are in the news again, as up until now u18 coach Pep Segura will step in to manage both groups until the end of the season, with John McMahon being let go. We've talked before about the role former Barcelona youth coach Segura has had with the new group of young talents since joining, and though it's only speculation, it would seem odd to let McMahon go before the end of the season if there wasn't some intent to move Segura to coach the reserves permanently come the end of the season. It would make some sense to move the coach along with the players as more and more of the promising youngsters like Conor Coady, Jack Robinson, Suso, and Raheen Sterling take the step up into the reserve level and inch closer towards roles in the first team in a couple of years, but for now nobody seems to know exactly what it means for the club's youth set up going forward.

* And from the reserves, let's keep moving down to the u18s, who will still have Segura in the technical area when they face off against Manchester United in the FA Youth Cup quarter-finals at Anfield on Sunday. It may not be first team football, but with all the hype surrounding the young wave of talent at the club there's likely to be more familiarity and interest than might have existed in years past. For those with access, the match will be shown live at noon GMT (which means the rather uncomfortable 7AM on a Sunday morning in New York, or the rather more comfortable but still a touch awkward 11PM in Sydney) on both LFCTV and whatever the United equivalent is if you have access to those stations somewhere on your 897 channel digital package. It will also be available online to those with an e-season ticket.

[Addendum: And sometimes I can be a bit thick, since as Guthmate points out in the comments, Josep Segura was the academy technical director and has now added temporary Reserves coach to his duties, while Rodolfo Borrell has been the u18 coach all along and will not be changing his duties in the coming days.]

In the meantime, while you try to figure out if it's socially acceptable to start drinking in your time zone yet...

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