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Juventus Hemorrhaging Cash, Ashley Get Your Gun, and Other Monday Notes

missing aurelio

It seems as though most of the news of interest from a Liverpool perspective today involves clubs and players that aren't Liverpool. So it goes. There is a bit of Liverpool news on the injury front, though, and it isn't pretty, as Martin Kelly could miss a month with a hamstring injury.

With Fabio Aurelio currently trapped in the void--or in 1973, or something--this leaves Liverpool with a grand total of one fullback for the foreseeable future. Hopefully everybody has enjoyed watching Jamie Carragher and Danny Wilson fill in, because chances are we're about to get a heavy dose of just that...

* Of tangental interest on a couple of fronts, Juventus has just reported a 39.5M Euro loss in the first half of the season. Last year they made 14.2M over the entire term, while they expect to lose a similar amount in the second half of this season to bring their total losses close to 80M Euros when everything's said and done. This is of course relevant to the previously discussed difficulty they might face in purchasing Alberto Aquilani when his loan comes due, and with hard numbers coming out it certainly paints a much more bleak picture for the grand old Italian club than one would have guessed.

It's also of interest from a Liverpool perspective because even if part of their plummeting revenue is due to a drop in sponsorship and a re-negotiated, less favourable Sirie A television contract, the biggest single hit to Juventus' revenue stream comes from dropping out of the Champions League and into the Europa. Premier League sides don't report on the same schedule--the last reported numbers for Liverpool still had half a season of Champions League payments attached to them--so it will be some time before we know the full damage to Liverpool's finances from dropping into Europe's second level, but even with a new set of owners the kind of numbers being faced down by Juventus offer an ominous warning.

* Elsewhere, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Wayne Rooney has escaped punishment for his elbow to the head of Wigan's James McCarthy on the weekend. Most observers seem to feel it was a red card offense which should have seen him suspended for three matches including the upcoming game against Liverpool, but with the player not even receiving a booking at the time it was never likely the FA would hand down retroactive justice. In the end, then, they indeed didn't hand down any kind of retroactive justice, as official Mark Clattenburg claimed he saw the event clearly at the time and so the FA claimed they had no grounds within their rules and by-laws to re-examine the situation.

While it would be easy enough to cry United favouritism while asking what would happen if this was a brutish foreigner like De Jong trying to take somebody's head off, as always with the FA it seems to mostly boil down to institutional incompetence and a desire to cover their ears, eyes, and mouth and demand--via telegraph, perhaps, seeing as their mouths are covered--that they and their officials never, ever get a single thing wrong. Because if there's one thing more important to the FA than getting things right, it's saying that they got things right.

* On the lighter side of things, Torres hasn't scored yet for Chelsea, and people have started to question his drive and form and general sulking attitude. Seeing as he's no longer a Liverpool player--and since I now risk raising ire by discussing him--I normally would have let sleeping dogs lie at this point were it not for Annie Eaves uncovering part of The Secret Diary of Fernando Torres:

Today at training I made another faux pas. We were getting changed and JT dropped his armband, I picked it up and handed it back to him. Everyone went quiet. I had to go and stand on the naughty step for 10 minutes. Nnobody is allowed to touch his armband unless he hands it to them. I don’t even know why he needed to wear it, we were only going swimming.

Well, playing for Chelsea certainly sounds like a great deal of fun. Especially the part where Ashley Cole likes to wander around with a hunting rifle.

In the meantime, while you try to pretend that everything is in fact hunky dory, or wonder at the oddity of a day on which you'd rather read Torres' fictionalised trials and tribulations at Chelsea because the only news worth talking about that's directly Liverpool related is so awful you don't quite know how to deal with it...

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