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Matchday: Liverpool v. Sparta Prague


Kickoff from Generali Arena at 20:05 GMT, 3:05 EST.

Ways to Watch:

Match live on Five in the UK, GolTV in the US, and 3e in Ireland (thanks to Patrick).
From Sport


Johnson Carragher Kyrgiakos Wilson
Maxi Lucas Meireles Aurelio
Kuyt Ngog

Bench: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Kelly, Coady, Cole, Pacheco, Jovanovic

Besides Danny Wilson for Martin Kelly, not an entirely surprising starting eleven. The only one of the youngsters to make the squad is captain Conor Coady, which again doesn't come as a massive shock. Given the state of the squad's fitness, this is probably the strongest eleven that Kenny Dalglish could have fielded---you could make arguments for Martin Skrtel or Kelly, but depending on fitness they might not have been wise choices. Nice to see a start for David Ngog, who's got a chance to add to his already impressive Europa League tally.


Kusnir Repka Brabec Pamic
Karec Matejovsky Kadlec
Biholong Kweuke

Bench: Zitka, Podany, Sionko, Bondoa, Zeman, Husek, Pekhart

In the run-up:

Aside from carelessly flinging hyperbole around about the youngsters that have made Liverpool's squad for tonight's match, the media's biggest focus this morning has been on the high court's ruling in the Tom Hicks debacle that reared its head in the past few days. From the Guardian:

Tom Hicks, the former Liverpool owner, has once again been denied the chance to launch damages claims in the United States over the sale of the Premier League club. Although Hicks could still sue in this country the high court today dismissed his appeal to have the case heard in Texas.

Mr Justice Floyd did however vary the anti-suit injunction, permitting the American to make applications in the US in support of any proceedings in this country. Hicks wanted the court to lift anti-suit orders which prevented him taking a $1bn action against Royal Bank of Scotland, Martin Broughton and New England Sports Ventures in the Texas courts to halt the deal, in which he claims he lost £140m. Hicks believes he was the victim of an "epic swindle" when the club was sold against his wishes to NESV for £300m.

Mr Justice Floyd also dismissed an application to 'strike out or stay claims' by Sir Martin Broughton, the former chairman of the club, seeking damages against Hicks for his actions while owner.

It's pretty easy to understand that this is a positive thing for the club's ability to move forward, even for the band of idiot clowns we've assembled around here. Liverpool have reacted "with delight" to the ruling, as well they should considering the potential circus that could have unfolded were Hicks and company granted the right to pursue legal proceedings in the US. Doesn't rule out a circus, of course, but as it stands it looks like they can seek consultation and support stateside with any actual lawsuit needing to be filed in the UK or European Union.

If nothing else, it once again confirms that Mr. Justice Floyd doesn't take anyone's shit.



Roll on tonight.

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