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FA Youth Cup, Poll Wrap, and Other Monday Notes

men with mustaches are better than you
You stay classy, blogoland.

Polls polls polls, poley poley polls, I love polls...

No, wait, that could be taken the wrong way. Unless it being taken the wrong way doubles our traffic. Because I'm a real whore when it comes to hits...

Wait, no, that sounds pretty bad, too. Whatever, let's get to the numbers and see if we can smoke last Thursday's poll: 58% of respondents helped raise the 4-3-3 to a turgid victory. I'm not certain turgid actually works there, but there may never be a better time for me to say turgid. So: Turgid. Meanwhile the 3-6-1 came off half-cocked at 26%, and 13% must have had a hotter, harder, firmer grasp on the situation than I did when they picked "other," which if I were them I would claim was a vote for the vaguely 4-3-1-2 we saw on Saturday. Then again, Saturday was a rather underwhelming performance, so perhaps it's a little premature to think anybody would want to claim it.

Oh, and like 3% wanted Roy Hodgson back. But have you seen some of the freaky stuff people like? I mean, I can just imagine them watching video of the match against Man City all done up in a gimp outfit and begging for ol' Roy to do even worse to them. Or something. In any case, I think I've about drowned this bit like a burlap sack full of kittens tossed into the river, so I'll let it drop. And no, that thing about the burlap sack and kittens wasn't some freaky sex act. Frankly, I'm disgusted you'd even ask...

* Monday got you down? Can't stand looking ahead to a week-long slog? Staring out into space, vacant, wondering--wondering why can't somebody else do it and just leave you to alternate between nap time and killing your liver time? Well, now somebody else can. At least if you write a blog where you seem to spend half your time singing the praises of Lucas Leiva. Which kinda works out great for me since that's something I kind of do.

In any case, Kopsource has done away with my need to talk about Lucas this Monday, as with him playing his 100th Premier League match against Wigan on Saturday they decided to take a look at the player who has grown from a goat to something not completely unlike, well, at least the sort of player a certain portion of the fanbase quite admires. Here's to a few hundred more, then, and some silverware along the way.

* In player news, with Danny Wilson not getting a lot of playing time so far this season after having previously seen plenty for Rangers, including starting in the Old Firm, some might have wondered if heading out on loan--perhaps even to his old club--might have made sense. What wouldn't have made much sense to anybody, one would think, would be for him to go on loan to rival Celtic, who appear to be the club that was actively looking to take him on in January.

Unsurprisingly, Wilson wasn't a big fan of the idea, though it was never likely to happen in any case as Dalglish is reported to feel Wilson is still part of his first team plans for the remainder of the season. Still, it's one to file under "Strange but true."

* Meanwhile, if you just can't wait until Thursday for a bit of Liverpool football--or if you just want to get a peek at the likes of Suso, Conor Coady, and Raheem Sterling--the fifth round of the FA Youth Cup runs later today at 7PM GMT/2PM EST on LFCtv for those of you in the UK and LFCtv Online for those of you with a season pass elsewhere in the world. Though these sorts of games can certainly be hit or miss in streamland, MYP2P has the match in their Monday listings, so some working options might even show up there closer to kick-off.

In the meantime, while the official site moves from running any transfer rumour they can get their hands on to trying to play a role in developing a song for Suarez and I take solace in the small comfort that even if people do tell me to bugger off now and again I probably couldn't embarrass myself worse than that if I tried...

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