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Video: Safe Standing

It's a lazy Sunday around these parts. Meanwhile, yesterday's match provided perhaps the least intrigue when it comes to talking points and tactics and whatever else might provide fodder to in turn burble about here on the blog, at least to date under Kenny Dalglish. And so a good chunk of time spent trawling through an unwieldy, overlong, ever-growing mass of Liverpool-related bookmarks to find something interesting was indeed turning up very little of interest. Something always pops up, though, and something at least vaguely of interest to your average LFC follower finally did at the 267th time of asking:

Standing at football matches will of course always be an issue close to those watching Liverpool closely. In recent years, though, there has been a larger debate surrounding the idea of safe standing, a concept used to great effect in Germany though it still faces a great deal of obvious and understandable resistance in England and causes decidedly mixed feelings in those who follow Liverpool. With that in mind, the above short documentary does as good a job as any at laying out the issues in what seems a fair and even manner that takes pains to respect the history that led to all-seater stadia while accepting the reality that even in the current set up a great many fans stand anyhow, which hardly seems an ideal outcome for those who would place a great deal of blame for past disasters on standing even if the Taylor report itself didn't suggest it was amongst the root causes.

Also, it benefits greatly over so many of the sites out there that talk about the safe standing issue in that it's a video, so you don't have to work at any silly reading--a point which I am quickly negating with my need to ramble. So perhaps I'd best shut up and sit down.

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