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Tom Hicks is Back, Lucas is Still Quality, and Other Thursday Notes

Demon Hicks
He's baaack.

Hey, so there were some internationals yesterday. Friendly internationals. And nothing much happened. Agger scored; Johnson set up a goal; England won. Dirk Kuyt scored from the penalty spot as the Netherlands won. Nobody got injured. Oh, and Christian Poulsen was captain of Denmark, which is good for him I suppose but somehow just seems odd and unexpected. In any case, if you want to see Agger's goal, LiverpoolFootballBlog has it, along with a more complete rundown of what happened yesterday...

* He's back like a bad horror movie villain who just won't die, as Tom Hicks' lawyers appeared in London to try and get the injunction levied by the British court which allowed the sale to take place in the first place adjusted. Hicks and Gillett aren't suing--at least not yet--but the way the injunction was written to halt the former owners' last ditch attempt

to block the sale using a Texas court means that the duo would be in contempt of court if they now sought damages for the "epic swindle" in America, the same as they would have been in contempt of the high court in London had they persisted in attempting to use the American legal system to circumvent the British legal system at the time of the sale.

Yes, that's horribly confusing, but that's about where it stands: they aren't suing. Yet. And they may or may not sue in either the US or Britain, regardless of the outcome of current proceedings. At least according to their lawyer. But let's not kid ourselves, if they thought they had half a chance of coming out on top using the British court system they wouldn't be trying to get the original ruling altered so that they could launch a civil suit in the US without being in contempt of the British court. And if they didn't have their hearts set on suing somebody somewhere they wouldn't be doing it, either. Fun times.

* Elsewhere, Football Further takes a look at the right footed left fullback, as seen in the Premier League of late with Sunderland's Phil Bardsley and--of more import to your average Liverpool fan--the Reds' own Glen Johnson. The basic premise is that, "With modern teams typically set up to defend against classic, over-lapping full-backs such as Maicon, Dani Alves or Ashley Cole, the inside-out full-back carries a threat that few teams are set up to defend against," and it's an intriguing one. Still, one rather expects that Glen Johnson isn't fated to make his permanent home on the left side of the defense and that for most teams it will be a strategy largely reserved for countering off-wing wingers, such as when Alvaro Arbeloa shut down Lionel Messi at Camp Nou a few seasons back.

* Meanwhile, Graeme Souness has finally apologised fully for doing an exclusive interview with you know who. He does say it was never intended to come out on the anniversary of Hillsborough, which doesn't so much make it better as maybe make it a different and not quite as horrible shade of horrible, but there you go. And if you somehow don't know who you know who is, then you might want to do a bit of reading.

Well, that's about where things stand, I suppose. And Wigan's just around the corner, so that's something to look forward to. In the meantime, as a bit of a companion piece to yesterday's video of Carragher and Agger, here's an every touch compilation of Lucas against Chelsea to help pass the timey timey timey time...

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