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Futility in Victory

luis suarez qpr queens park rangers

On Saturday against Queens Park Rangers, Liverpool dominated nearly every conceivable statistical category, at times more than doubling their opponent's tallies as they racked up the numbers from possession to passing to shots on target. At least this time around they won. Still, that they only barely did win, once again doing their best to keep an overmatched opponent in the game, is a continuing source of frustration for this year's squad. Just how big a frustration becomes even clearer when looking back at just how much they created against QPR—and just how little they did with it:

liverpool qpr statistics

Note the First: Total shots includes blocked efforts.

Note the Second: Liverpool, as the home side, is on the right as the choice was between having them in the left-hand column or having them in red.

Note the Third: At least they won.

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